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Have you heard your folks say, “You will never be ready to have kids until you actually have one?” Well, I heard that line a lot and I have personally proven it right.

When I was younger, I never thought of how I would be when I have my own kids. All I knew was, I wanted to be the best mother for my children. Little did I know that I would be one “tiger mom”.

I have a tiger mom, and I am very proud of her for being such. If she was not the way she was when my siblings and I were growing up, I probably won’t be the person that I am today. I am very fortunate that God blessed me with two exceptionally wonderful parents.

Even my children adore their Lolo (Filipino word for grandfather) and Lola (Filipino word for grandmother). Yzzabella, my tween daughter calls my Mom “tiger Lola”. Of course, that makes me her “tiger Mama”. She is still young, but she is already aware that she has to embrace both the American and Asian culture.

As she is getting older, she is becoming more aware of diversity and what it means especially for kids like her who are being raised by parents coming from different cultures. She is now learning all the different stereotypes that people attached to Asians. Yes, that’s also why she calls me her “tiger mom”.

Day after day, her interest in Asian culture especially the Filipino culture is continuously increasing. In the eyes of many, there seem to be nothing extraordinary about growing up in a household with an Asian Mom and an American Dad but the truth is, it could be tough for the kids. It could also be a source of unnecessary pressure on the kids.

We all want to belong, biracial kids are often prompted with an internal question of where do they want to belong. Some kids feel discriminated by others because they are “not Asian” enough or they are “not American” enough. Experiences like this can result to kids shying away from others or becoming anti-social.

Certainly, being an Asian American kid comes with advantages and disadvantages. The extent of the pros and cons vary depending mostly on the parents. Kids learn from their parents.

I love being a parent. I love being a Mom to my two wonderful girls Yzzabella (12 y.o.) and Esperanza (2 y.o.). I love being a wife to my husband Santiago. Like most parents, we both love our girls more than we love ourselves. Despite our hectic schedules we always make sure that the girls are our number one priority.

Santi and I are both working full-time and at the same time we are also studying full time. Currently, I am taking my prerequisite classes for Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant program. Santi is taking additional classes to become a professor in Humanities and a certified drug and alcohol counselor.

Between the hustle and bustle of parenting and schooling Santi and I decided to keep our full-time jobs not only because we need to but also because we want our girls to learn early in life that having a successful career is not a hindrance to parenting. We want to show them that children are never deterrent to attaining success. In fact, children are most parents’ motivation to become better and to attain progress.

I admit, parenting could be challenging especially when you are working towards some personal and family goals at the same time. But, it is achievable. Time management and knowing how to balance everything is the key! Also, as a couple you need to have each other’s back at all times.

Parenting is a learning process. While we are raising our children they are also teaching us to become the best parents for them. Ironic, isn’t it? Parenting is a continuous experience and a lifelong endeavor. Even when children start living on their own parents don’t cease to give guidance.

Each day comes with different challenges. Each child is different. There is no single mold that can fit all kids. We love our children at the same extent but in different ways. Different because the way we show our love is dictated by how each child is as an individual. Our actions and reactions depend on theirs.

Parents learn from each child. Most importantly, children learn from their parents. Always keep in mind that our kids mimic us. Therefore, it is imperative that as parents we show our children how we want them to be.

Published by MixedKnot Fil-Am Family

Hi everyone. We are glad that you came across our website. We are a mixed race couple. He is American (American-European) and I am Filipino (Filipino/Chinese/Spanish). We have two daughters. They make our world so much brighter but at times they also stir us crazy. Our intention for this channel is to show people from all over the world what real life is like in the U.S. for ordinary citizens. We are aware that many dream of migrating here to live the "American Dream". We want to show those who intend to come here what they can expect. (Lalo na po sa mga kababayan ko na Pinoy) Our videos include our family vacations, toddler and teen daily activities, toy reviews, homeschool life, music and karate activities, some cooking (both American and Asian dishes), career life and basically just our day to day life. To know more about us please follow us on IG: @mixedknot @iamesperanzacelestina @iamvhiktoriacazzandra Thank you and stay safe everyone.

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