Niagara Falls Experience

You don’t have to fit.
You just have to be you.
You are born to be unique.

I am just a tween, but I know how to make meaningful memories with my family. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for raising me well. Thanks to my Lolo and Lola too for being my Mom’s support and for playing a significant role in my early childhood. 💞❤ ❤💞

Okay, I didn’t mean to sound a little bit emotional. I just want to remind you all that #life is short! You better #enjoy and have #fun while you can. When I mention about having fun, I mean it could be anything that makes you forget about your worries. You don’t have to go on vacation or to travel far for fun. It can be a simple thing that reminds you of your happy childhood days. 💞❤ ❤💞

Practice #mindfulness. Make an effort to check your thoughts daily. Try to engrave in your mind the word FUN!!! It should be built within your system that follows you wherever you go. Meditate and tell yourself to be happy and have fun each day no matter what happens. Pray the serenity prayer. 💞❤ ❤💞

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Published by MixedKnot Fil-Am Family

Hi everyone. We are glad that you came across our website. We are a mixed race couple. He is American (American-European) and I am Filipino (Filipino/Chinese/Spanish). We have two daughters. They make our world so much brighter but at times they also stir us crazy. Our intention for this channel is to show people from all over the world what real life is like in the U.S. for ordinary citizens. We are aware that many dream of migrating here to live the "American Dream". We want to show those who intend to come here what they can expect. (Lalo na po sa mga kababayan ko na Pinoy) Our videos include our family vacations, toddler and teen daily activities, toy reviews, homeschool life, music and karate activities, some cooking (both American and Asian dishes), career life and basically just our day to day life. To know more about us please follow us on IG: @mixedknot @iamesperanzacelestina @iamvhiktoriacazzandra Thank you and stay safe everyone.

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