Building Our Lives Like Lego Blocks

Life and Lego Blocks
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What is your big dream? What is your goal in life? This girl’s goal today is to build a sturdy Lego tower. 

Life in the U.S. is not as easy as people from other countries envision. I was browsing some posts on Instagram during my break time at work.

As expected, 80-90% of all the posts I saw were definitely perfect looking termed by many as “instagrammable.” Everything flaunted beautiful portraits, astounding places, impeccable travel and vacations, winning moments, and so much more. In short, life seemed to look perfect. 

Whether we want to admit or not majority of the famous influencers, bloggers, vloggers, social media celebrities are mostly from the U.S. or some other western places. For those who have had no experience visiting the U.S. nor have had the chance to live in the U.S., seeing all the wonderful IG posts and the seemingly perfect lives of people here make them think that U.S. life is all about good things and the greatest American dream. 

As an immigrant, I feel the need to educate people around the globe that life here is not all milk and honey. Like everywhere else, life in the U.S. also has its own set of good and bad. The big American dream does not come easy. It is not as simple as a blink of an eye. 

Like the Lego tower that my toddler is building, you have to have a strong foundation in order to successfully move to a higher level and eventually reach your goal.

Similar to building a Lego structure, achieving the American dream needs careful planning. It is built from the bottom up. As I was watching my daughter building her Lego tower, I realized life here is comparable to Lego blocks especially for the immigrants like me. We build our lives one step at a time until we reach our goals.

A structure is conceived in the mind of a child and block per block it is slowly materialized through constant addition and restructuring. To me, this is how American dreams are made of. Big dreams arise from our minds then step by step we make it come to reality. 

If we don’t add blocks to build our dreams or if we don’t take effort to reach progress, we will end up broken and wasted. Therefore, I encourage you all to keep yourselves motivated! Stay happy! Stay on track, and you’ll eventually embrace your big American dream. 

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