Living in the Midwest has been quite an experience for me. I lived all of my younger years in the Philippines where the temperatures range between mid 70s to upper 90s. It is summer all year long in that part of the world. Most people have natural sun kissed tan because every day is bright and sunny. Totally different from the four seasons that Midwest has.

Back in the Philippines, people long to experience winter. Everyone is curious how the snowflakes taste and feel like. People wish for a white Christmas which they only see in the movies. Come on, who does not like white Christmas? Even after living here for almost two decades, I still anticipate the first day of snow. I do dread driving when it snows but I love winter.

Although some people might think otherwise, winter to me is wonderful. The girls love to sled and play outside with us. It is one of those small things that cost us nothing but matters a lot especially to them. After few minutes to an hour being outside playing, it feels perfect to just sit on the couch, watch the snowflakes fall and disappear as it touches the warm window glass, sip some hot cocoa with peppermint and smell the burning woods from the fireplace. That, to us, is an ideal winter day.

Published by MixedKnot Fil-Am Family

Hi everyone. We are glad that you came across our website. We are a mixed race couple. He is American (American-European) and I am Filipino (Filipino/Chinese/Spanish). We have two daughters. They make our world so much brighter but at times they also stir us crazy. Our intention for this channel is to show people from all over the world what real life is like in the U.S. for ordinary citizens. We are aware that many dream of migrating here to live the "American Dream". We want to show those who intend to come here what they can expect. (Lalo na po sa mga kababayan ko na Pinoy) Our videos include our family vacations, toddler and teen daily activities, toy reviews, homeschool life, music and karate activities, some cooking (both American and Asian dishes), career life and basically just our day to day life. To know more about us please follow us on IG: @mixedknot @iamesperanzacelestina @iamvhiktoriacazzandra Thank you and stay safe everyone.

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