We Are All Imperfect Beings in God’s Perfect World.

At Universal Studios Orlando before the pandemic.

Hi, my name is Sophia. I am a real mom living a real life. I have two lovable girls and a wonderful husband. I don’t live a perfect life nor am I trying to portray one. Life is not perfect. We all have our imperfections. We should not exhaust ourselves to achieve perfection.

I am medical laboratory scientist by profession. Together, my husband and I try our best to raise our girls. As a wife, I am trying to support my husband in all his endeavors. As a daughter, I try to take care of my parents despite being thousands of miles away from them. 

Like you, I have struggled a great deal in the past. I decided to use my hardships to make me a stronger person. Yet, from time to time, I still feel weak. I still stumble and fall BUT I ALWAYS TRY TO RISE AGAIN. My intention is to encourage people like me to show what real life is.

I post photos of my real-life experiences because I believe that every moment is perfect. Every moment in our lives should be captured and saved. My Instagram will not show perfect portraits. I capture true to life moments of myself and my family.

Clearly, I am no celebrity nor am I a popular influencer. I am not some 20 something femme fatale with the perfect face and figure to show off. I am a 40+ family-oriented career woman. I am not an expert make up artist who can enhance my facial features to make myself picture perfect.

I am a simple woman. I do not wear high-end branded clothes to fashion around. I do not use professional cameras to take perfect looking photos. I am not a writer nor am I a book author who can entice you to keep reading my content. I am simply ME.

I use my phone camera to take photos. I capture memories that I find significant. I believe that the real essence of life can be found in our day to day hustle and bustle. I do not fantasize perfection. I do not attempt to make believe that I have not struggled.

The world has to know that IT IS OKAY TO EXPERIENCE SOME STRUGGLES. What is not fine, is allowing struggles to defeat and consume your life. Strive to bounce everytime you fall. You are strong. We are all strong. We are human beings equipped with all necessities to survive and live life to the fullest. 

Not everyone will like my posts. There will also be haters but I am here to SPREAD POSITIVITY. It is okay to BE REAL. It is okay to show your flaws. Remember, WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT BEINGS in God’s perfect world.

Published by MixedKnot Fil-Am Family

Hi everyone. We are glad that you came across our website. We are a mixed race couple. He is American (American-European) and I am Filipino (Filipino/Chinese/Spanish). We have two daughters. They make our world so much brighter but at times they also stir us crazy. Our intention for this channel is to show people from all over the world what real life is like in the U.S. for ordinary citizens. We are aware that many dream of migrating here to live the "American Dream". We want to show those who intend to come here what they can expect. (Lalo na po sa mga kababayan ko na Pinoy) Our videos include our family vacations, toddler and teen daily activities, toy reviews, homeschool life, music and karate activities, some cooking (both American and Asian dishes), career life and basically just our day to day life. To know more about us please follow us on IG: @mixedknot @iamesperanzacelestina @iamvhiktoriacazzandra Thank you and stay safe everyone.

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