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August 23, 2021, our homeschool session at our local library.

CoVid19 pandemic created a different world for all of us. Yes, Esperanza has been homeschooled ever since she was 2 years old. Yzzabella started 100% homeschool this year after being on remote learning for the last quarter of 2019-2020 school year.

When Illinois shutdown on March 15, 2020, all schools transitioned to remote learning up to the end of that academic year. When 2020-2021 school year started back in August 2020, the schools only offered remote classes for the first quarter. It was during the second quarter when the schools started giving the families in-person learning option. Our family chose to continue with online learning until the end of the school year.

Over summer break, we researched on other options that are available and fit for our family’s need. We have Esperanza, she is too young to be eligible for the vaccine. Santi, Yzzabella and I have all been vaccinated. As parents, we wanted both our kids to be safe. Despite that, we are also aware of their need for socialization among their peers or age group. Thus, we asked Yzzabella to voice out her thoughts and to let us know what will work best for her.

She knew that we were doing research on all possible learning alternatives for her and her sister. She was insistent on doing remote classes for another year due to the surge of delta cases. The continuous mutation of the virus will create more variants in the coming days. She knew her sister need to be protected. She knew that her Dad, being immunocompromised, is at high risk. She also knew and understood that having been vaccinated does not guarantee that we will never get infected.

Yzzabella’s school did not offer any remote classes this year. There were times when we received conflicting school communications regarding mask mandates and their Covid19 protocol. Until one day, we got the message about the school board deciding not to implement obligatory mask on students and staff regardless of vaccination status. That was our turning point. We decided to pull Yzzabella out of school which she agreed. We then registered her as a full time homeschooler just like her little sister.

All the different public health measures that the schools are currently implementing does not directly affect our family. But, we too, feel the effects of this pandemic. We are not complaining. We strongly believe that we all need to do our part to help keep our community safe, protected and healthy. We are navigating our lives on a daily basis by adjusting what needs to get adjusted in order to conform with public health mandates like staying at home, wearing mask, social distancing and getting vaccinated.

As a homeschool family, we used to have more activities that involved learning outside of our home but that drastically changed during past 16 months. We stayed home for an entire year. We took advantage of delivery and grocery pick up services that our local stores offer. We skipped parties and even close family get together. We took our kids out from their extracurricular activities. They stopped going to martial arts school. They moved on with music school online instead of their one-on-one in-person lessons. As healthcare workers, we wanted our family to be compliant with the mandates for public safety. Like everyone else, we too, got stuck at home.

One thing that we loved to do during the lockdown was taking our kids out for joy rides a couple of days a week. We wanted them to enjoy few hours outside but still away from people other than those in our household. We let them play in our yard but they knew the danger of the virus. They always went back inside the house when there were other people around. It was an extremely long 2020 but it made our family closer. It made us realize the importance of time spent well with family.

When the world stopped, our family changed our routine. We canceled our planned trips and vacations. We kept our kids at home. Santi and I went out only for necessities that couldn’t be delivered nor picked up curbside. We did everything online except for our jobs because we were not fortunate to be able do it remotely. The past year was definitely a trying time for our family. There was a time when it seemed like there was nothing left but hope. Yes, we held on tight and believed that things will eventually get back to where it was.

Finally, the world reopened. It was great news but it also came with some terrifying news for our family. Both Santi and I were struggling with health issues. Santi was diagnosed with cancer. I had an ectopic pregnancy. We had nothing good left other than the kids being healthy and us still having our income to support our needs. Our family life seemed upside down. The things that we were looking forward to as family were all put on hold because we had to restructure our plans to accommodate Santi’s therapy and my healing. It was exhausting for us and the kids but life goes on.

We all have countless blessings from up above that oftentimes are left unnoticed. Simple things like having our family close to us or being in an area where everything is accessible. Our family has always been grateful for our parents’ health, the kids’ health, our safety, our jobs and our capability to continuously share our blessings in form of church tithe. We are not wealthy but God had always and is still providing for us. He planted our family in a place where we have everything that we need. When things get tough, we always remind ourselves how other people from other parts of the world live their lives suffering with zero sight of a better future.

Yes, we are being tested. We are struggling but unlike others we did not lose our jobs during the pandemic. Having our jobs also gave us the advantage of having medical insurance that we especially needed for Santi’s therapy and my constant need for doctor’s visit and varied testing during my bout with ectopic pregnancy. At that point in our lives when we both were too weak to travel and the kids have not yet been vaccinated, the only thing that got us excited was when our local library reopened.

It may be boring to some but it was great news for our family. It was sometime during the first quarter of this year when our library reopened its doors to our community. We knew we couldn’t go anywhere soon. Even if there were more places that tried to reopen for tourist, our family needed to stay put. We didn’t want to complicate Santi’s treatment schedule. We also didn’t want to take any risk. There was nothing left around that we were interested in doing other than getting back to an activity that we used to do with the kids. Visiting the library twice or thrice a week is one of our family’s favorite. Our library’s reopening provided us the opportunity to spend time leisurely in its premises and to hold our homeschool session in a safe environment at least few days a week.

Seeing other families with young kids like ours in the library make us feel some sense of normalcy. Seeing young children running and hopping around full of energy bring back life to an otherwise empty room. It is sad not being able to see their smiles but most kids seem not to care whether or not they see their friends’ pearly whites. It is us, parents, that worry most about the possible mental health effects that all these events might bring to ourselves and our children. Indeed, kids are more resilient than adults. Their inexperience make them worry less about what is going on these days but it doesn’t mean that they are free of the negative effects.

For now, we are dwelling on the fact that the country remained open and has no plan for another shutdown. One step at a time. One day the world will heal. One day we will all heal. One day we will get back to normalcy but that will be a different kind of normal.

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