Homeschool Science: States of Matter

States of Matter

Our 5-year old had solid, liquid and gas topic for her homeschool science curriculum. She is a hands-on learner. To help her absorb better, we decided to do an experiment with her. We wanted this lesson to be extremely fun for her. As parents, we believe that the easiest way to help little kids retain information is to incorporate learning with play.

Indeed we were right! It was not just our girl who had a blast while doing this experiment. We did too! We observed how liquid turned to solid. We experimented on adding external factors to turn solid back into liquid. We also watched liquid produced gas. Santi and I could only wish we had the same choices when we were kids. We probably wouldn’t have to stare on the ceiling waiting for the bell to ring.

Kidding aside. Science is cool. This experiment was perfect for our little one to love science even more. She was very enthusiastic during the entire activity. She asked valid questions. Some of her questions were easy, we were able to answer immediately but some we had to search for answers online with her.

It was a messy activity but it was well worth it. Let your kids play and learn. Get their hands or fingernails dirty. It is okay. The most exciting part that really got our girl was digging and breaking the ice cubes to see the mystery toy inside. She couldn’t stop talking about our experiment for weeks.

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