What You Do Matters

Recently, Yzzabella and I have been volunteering at the food bank. We help in sorting out food items, packing food orders, and boxing canned goods for the different organizations that distribute the food to the community.

Santi and I thought that it was best to involve our kids in community service activities, especially in their spare time. Volunteering is a great way to develop compassion in kids and to make them understand the importance of caring for their community.

Often times, kids are sheltered from difficulties. They only see what they are surrounded with, and are oblivious of the fact that some families are struggling to put food on their table. Volunteering at the food bank helped Yzzabella appreciate the blessings that our family received from God. It opened her eyes to life’s reality that some people are surviving with less than what they need.

Last month, I organized a group of volunteers including some of my coworkers and friends along with their teen children to volunteer at the food bank with me and Yzzabella. Santi was at work, but he helped us accomplish our goal by taking Esperana with him as she couldn’t volunteer yet due to age restriction.

It was the first time for my friends. It was fulfilling to know that they appreciated the time and effort I took to organize the volunteer activity. It was something that they never thought possible. More importantly, they were grateful that they bonded with their teens while volunteering.

At the end of our volunteer shift, one of the coordinators spoke about what we accomplished and how many families we helped by spending our time there. He also encouraged us to spread the word about the assistance that people in our community could get, especially those who are struggling to make a decision which need should they prioritize, buying food or paying for rent or mortgage.

Share the link to help those in need. No one should go to bed starving. For those who live in Illinois who are currently struggling to make ends meet, please visit the link below. If you know someone who may need this type of assistance, PLEASE SHARE.

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