Snow White: Who is the Bravest of Them All?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the BRAVEST of them all?

Today’s world is different from how it was in the past but fairy tales still capture our hearts. Come on! Parents, please help me here. Just say yes! We all know Anna and Elsa. We know Moana too! Right?

We can’t really deny that fairy tales teach kids important lessons in life. Boys and girls alike love to watch fairy tales because it brings hope. HOPE for a new beginning or a better ending.

As of the moment our little one’s favorite princess is Mirabel. That is due to the fact that she watched “Encanto” on Thanksgiving day for the first time. Of course we needed to watch it with her more than 10 times in 2021 and we are still counting. Before that movie came out, her favorites were Anna and Elsa.

She also love some old timers like Cinderella and Snow White. She loves how the dwarves received Snow White in their home. She knew that there has to be a special place for Snow White after her wicked stepmother’s plot. Kindness will always prevail.

Although she raised a question about the dwarves allowing a stranger in their home, she also believe that they did the right thing. She believes in kindness. Our girls have always been warned and are still being warned about the risk of talking to strangers.

We taught our girls to be kind and respectful to everyone they meet. But, we also made them aware that not all people intend to do good. They must learn how to safeguard themselves against the bad elements in this world.

Being kind and nice is important but learning to decipher an individual’s real intention before trusting that person is also critical. Fairy tales teaches us that. Snow White taught us that we cannot trust everyone. At times, not even the people who are close to us.

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Homeschool Science: States of Matter

States of Matter

Our 5-year old had solid, liquid and gas topic for her homeschool science curriculum. She is a hands-on learner. To help her absorb better, we decided to do an experiment with her. We wanted this lesson to be extremely fun for her. As parents, we believe that the easiest way to help little kids retain information is to incorporate learning with play.

Indeed we were right! It was not just our girl who had a blast while doing this experiment. We did too! We observed how liquid turned to solid. We experimented on adding external factors to turn solid back into liquid. We also watched liquid produced gas. Santi and I could only wish we had the same choices when we were kids. We probably wouldn’t have to stare on the ceiling waiting for the bell to ring.

Kidding aside. Science is cool. This experiment was perfect for our little one to love science even more. She was very enthusiastic during the entire activity. She asked valid questions. Some of her questions were easy, we were able to answer immediately but some we had to search for answers online with her.

It was a messy activity but it was well worth it. Let your kids play and learn. Get their hands or fingernails dirty. It is okay. The most exciting part that really got our girl was digging and breaking the ice cubes to see the mystery toy inside. She couldn’t stop talking about our experiment for weeks.

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Homeschool Science: Animal Habitats

Animal Homes and Habitats

How do you keep your little one’s attention during homeschool? We use a combination of modules and several curricula for our kids’ schooling. We did tons of research before we made our decision to homeschool our 9th grader and 1st grader. It took us just about the entire 2020 to make tables of pros and cons.

We did comparisons between traditional school, online school and several homeschool curricula. After all that hard work, we talked to our kids to ask for their opinion. Our 9th grader provided us more light about why we needed to homeschool.

Our first grader has been homeschooled since she was two years old. She also went to an early childhood program for few weeks. She did not like it. She wanted to stay home and continue what we have been doing. Yes, we started teaching her early but we did not force her. She lead us.

We used our observations of her during play time to guide us in teaching her. We realized that she was interested in language arts even before her 2nd birthday. Since then, we focused on what sparked her interest most. Now that she is five years old, she is into science. When she gets tired completing her workbooks in her other classes, she will ask for a break.

When given her break time, she would request for a quick science experiment. It is a good way to keep her attention and focus in our homeschool activities. A quick science break always give her more energy to finish all of her daily homeschool tasks.

Science lessons does not have to be extremely serious. It does not have to be boring. Kids love to play. Let them play and learn. Example, for this science class, we made sure our girl uses all of her senses. The topic was about animal homes and habitats. We incorporated sensory play to keep her attention span longer.

Research studies have proven that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain which aid a child’s ability to accomplish complex learning tasks. That is why we use sensory items in almost all of our activities.

For this lesson we used:

1. Animal figurines from Amazon.

2. Play sand from Blain’s Farm and Fleet.

3. Kinetic sand from Target.

4. Leaves from various trees that we picked from our nature walk the day before.

5. Wood cuttings from Hobby Lobby.

6. Rocks and stones of various size, shape and texture from Dollar Tree.

7. Brown and green artificial moss from the arts supply at Dollar Tree.

This activity was fun for Esperanza. She did not feel the pressure of learning. We loved that we were able to teach her by telling stories as we went through the lesson. She thought she was just playing. She paid attention to the facts we presented as she played.

When asked about the different animals that live in certain habitats on a later date, she was able to remember everything. Getting positive outcome from our activities make us feel that we made the right decision to educate our kids at home.

Fall 2021: Halloween Trick or Treat

Best company ever!
Waiting for my Halloween candies.
I want my candies!
Ahhh… When you need company but you want your quiet time!

Summer 2021: Family Nature Walk

Science is everywhere.
Enjoying the breeze.
Colors of nature.
Flowers and butterflies.
Ooops… A photo bomber.