Fall 2021: Halloween Trick or Treat

Best company ever!
Waiting for my Halloween candies.
I want my candies!
Ahhh… When you need company but you want your quiet time!

Summer 2021: Family Nature Walk

Science is everywhere.
Enjoying the breeze.
Colors of nature.
Flowers and butterflies.
Ooops… A photo bomber.


Animal Habitats
Rainforest Animals

This week in our homeschool first grade science class, we are going to learn the different homes and habitats for some animals that we chose to study. We have created some visual aids for this lesson. Please feel free to download the files.

Scarlet Macaw

In this post we included some facts about rainforest animals. Please watch for the remaining lessons and free printable files about wetland, grassland, ocean, polar and desert animals. We will post one group daily for this week’s lesson.

Spider Monkey

Vegetable Picking – A Homeschool Summer Outdoor Activity


#eggplant anyone? Our #homeschool #fieldtrip gave us lots of #goodies. We went #veggie picking. It was #fun and #immersive.

There are varied ways to #learn. We chose to homeschool our kids not because we don’t believe in #traditionalschooling. It is more because we intend to give them #christianbased #education with #strong #stem background.

It is almost impossible to get all that in either public or private school. You will probably get one depending on which school you choose but you won’t get both. Santi’s expertise is #religion and I have a #science degree, we both felt the need to give our kids their #best chance to develop optimally.

Santi had over 10 years experience teaching in grade school and middle school while I had few years experience teaching science in a junior college. We are definitely not experts but we are constantly researching to make us more effective teachers for our kids to benefit in our homeschool.

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First Grade Artwork

My 5-year and I had our homeschool session this morning. We tried finger painting on a canvas. Trust me this art does not look as great as it is in the picture. The camera made it look more vivid but we are very happy with the outcome.

Materials used:

Crayola washable paint. You can find this everywhere even at Walgreens.

8 x 10 canvas available at the Dollar Store and all of your local art supply stores.

Foam brush available at Walmart, Target or the Dollar Store.

Homeschool FREE PDF Printable Reading Log

Love to read? Here’s something for you.

Esperanza at 2 years and 6 months old

Our FREE PDF PRINTABLE READING LOG. We created this for our little one but thought we could share this to other families too. Enjoy!