This week in our homeschool first grade science class, we are going to learn the different homes and habitats for some animals that we chose to study. We have created some visual aids for this lesson. Please feel free to download the files. In this post we included some facts about rainforest animals. Please watchContinue reading “FREE PDF PRINTABLE: ANIMAL HOMES AND HABITATS”

Vegetable Picking – A Homeschool Summer Outdoor Activity

. There are varied ways to #learn. We chose to homeschool our kids not because we don’t believe in #traditionalschooling. It is more because we intend to give them #christianbased #education with #strong #stem background. It is almost impossible to get all that in either public or private school. You will probably get one dependingContinue reading “Vegetable Picking – A Homeschool Summer Outdoor Activity”

Homeschool FREE PDF Printable Reading Log

Love to read? Here’s something for you. Our FREE PDF PRINTABLE READING LOG. We created this for our little one but thought we could share this to other families too. Enjoy!

How Moms In Healthcare Are Affected By The Pandemic

Life at work has never been as stressful as it is since the pandemic started. It has been seventeen months and we are still scrambling to get over this pandemic. I am apolitical. I don’t care which side you are at. I just know that the virus exist. It is not a hoax nor isContinue reading “How Moms In Healthcare Are Affected By The Pandemic”

DIY Nontoxic Play Dough Recipe

Kids have so much energy. I can only wish I have it too. Kids can’t stay still. They have to constantly move. At times, it gets frustrating for parents especially when they need to do chores and run errands but just couldn’t get it done because of the kids. My personal go to activity forContinue reading “DIY Nontoxic Play Dough Recipe”

Life Goes On

CoVid19 pandemic created a different world for all of us. Yes, Esperanza has been homeschooled ever since she was 2 years old. Yzzabella started 100% homeschool this year after being on remote learning for the last quarter of 2019-2020 school year. When Illinois shutdown on March 15, 2020, all schools transitioned to remote learning upContinue reading “Life Goes On”