Homeschool Science: Climbing Colors Experiment

How time flies. It is now February 2022! It feels like it was just yesterday when we were preparing for our 2021 Disney holiday vacation. It has been a month since we got back from our vacation. We are not ready to get back to our routine schedules yet but we had to shift toContinue reading “Homeschool Science: Climbing Colors Experiment”

Santi’s Prayer Life

Please send us your special intention prayer request by leaving a comment on this post or by sending us an email using the “CONTACT US” tab in this website. Prayer Journals for men available at: Prayer Journals for women available at: Prayer Journals for young girls available at: reading “Santi’s Prayer Life”

Teen Advocacy: Mental Health Awareness by Yzzabella

“Live with a greater significance than achievements, accolades, or an impressive bio.” -@timtebow What does this mean to me? Being a teen is not easy. You are continuously surrounded by different types of pressure. I personally try to always give my best in whatever I do. I want to achieve something that will not onlyContinue reading “Teen Advocacy: Mental Health Awareness by Yzzabella”

Young, Fierce, Focused… Teen Life Tips From A Teen

Life is a journey. In this journey we all go through different phases. Being a teen is pivotal. It is at this stage when we need to seriously think of our life goals. It is also critical that along with those goals we set a timeline and a solid plan on how to hit ourContinue reading “Young, Fierce, Focused… Teen Life Tips From A Teen”

Homeschool Science: The Mini Microbiologist

Have you ever wondered what microorganism grows in a culture media if you swab your skin? We did just that! We collected our own samples by rolling a swab on our arms. We then inoculated culture media plates using the swabs. Ideally, we should have used a sterile swab to make sure that we won’tContinue reading “Homeschool Science: The Mini Microbiologist”

Snow White: Who is the Bravest of Them All?

Today’s world is different from how it was in the past but fairy tales still capture our hearts. Come on! Parents, please help me here. Just say yes! We all know Anna and Elsa. We know Moana too! Right? We can’t really deny that fairy tales teach kids important lessons in life. Boys and girlsContinue reading “Snow White: Who is the Bravest of Them All?”