Homeschool Science: Climbing Colors Experiment

Science lab lesson today

How time flies. It is now February 2022! It feels like it was just yesterday when we were preparing for our 2021 Disney holiday vacation. It has been a month since we got back from our vacation. We are not ready to get back to our routine schedules yet but we had to shift to homeschool mode instantly.

Choosing the colors for our experiment.
Cutting the coffee filter.
Marking the coffee filter using the colored markers.
Getting the glass cups ready.
Marked coffee filters after 10 minutes in the water.
The colors climb up the coffee filter. After 15 minutes.

Here are the results for the different colors:

Science and arts does work together.
Black marker
Brown marker
Blue marker
Pink marker
Purple marker
Red marker

After the experiment, we had our little girl write her observations. She wrote all the different colors that showed up on the six coffee filters that we used. She was amazed by how each color is made from several others.

Write your own observations here. You can print this card using our PDF link at the bottom of this post.

In conclusion, this was a very exciting experiment. Our entire family took part of it and we all had fun. Free printable PDF for the experiment cards and observation cards can be obtained from the link below.

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